Well our decisi…


Well our decision date was March 1st.  We have decided to go to the mission base 

at Heredia, Costa Rica with Youth With A Mission for six or seven months,  If they’ll have 

us.  We have so much to do before we leave, get the house in order, save some funds for 

the trip, visit friends and relatives and do all the things you have to do when you retire.  So 

were busy but we have a plan a goal a vision and each other so we are confident God will 

join us in this venture and help us get this show on the road.  Keep in touch.  


rob robin 

Future plans

As many of you know Robin and I will be retiring this summer.  We plan on doing long term volunteer work abroad.  We will soon be choosing the organization we plan to team up with and the country or countries we plan to work in.  We are confident this transition will go smooth and that we will be able to keep in touch with you once we settle into our new home.

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